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On Picking A Good One

Updated: Jul 8, 2018

Last night I woke up at 3:30 am to Michael handing me a glass of cool water. He does this from time to time, usually because when I have a cough I take too long silently debating about whether or not it would be worth it to get out of bed to stop the persistent hacking, when meanwhile, Michael wakes up and takes care of the issue himself. (I’m annoying and lazy. I know.)

But last night was different because I didn’t wake up beforehand. “Was I coughing a lot?” I asked him. “No, you just coughed once, but it sounded so sad that I thought you could use some water.”

Now I realize that this isn’t the stuff romance novels are made of, but I think that it should be. Because at 3:30 in the morning, a cool glass of water reminded me that I picked a good one.

I picked one who times the song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” perfectly so that the chorus is blasting, “I NEEEDDD YOOOU BABBBBY!” at the exact time I get in the car when he’s picking me up from work.

I picked one who can come home at 8:30 pm after not seeing me all day only to have his living room crowded by a handful of women watching an episode of The Bachelor and sit down to chat it up with my girlfriends.

I picked one who crosses his eyes on demand to make me laugh.

I picked one who tells me if I’m being too grumpy or irrational by playfully poking me and telling me to stop it.

I picked one who lets his six-year-old niece put a tiara on his head.

I picked one who said “pissed” exactly one time since I’ve known him, and who immediately said, “I’m sorry. That was not a nice word. I shouldn’t have said it.” right afterward.

I picked one who changes the subject when people start talking bad about other people.

I picked one who doesn’t yell at me. Or make me feel stupid. Or tries to hurt my feelings on purpose.

I picked one who says sorry.

I picked one who, to quote John Green, is funny without ever being mean.

I picked one who forgives quickly. Which comes in handy. Because I make a lot of mistakes.

I’m not saying that Michael is perfect, but it sure is easy to get over socks left on the living room floor when I remember that I sure did pick a good one.

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Katie West
Katie West
Jul 17, 2018

Reading this reminded me of a movie scene I love. It's a first date and the guy grabs some of the individually wrapped pats of cold unspreadable butter from the bowl on the table and tightly holds them in his hands for a moment. He then hands them over to his date. She is surprised and asks "Did you just warm this butter up for me?" His response is "Yeah, that's just what you do." It is the best scene of the entire movie, in my opinion.


Jul 09, 2018

😍😍😭😭☺️ all my emotions as I read this.

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