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Six years with my best friend

We had already said "I love you," a few weeks before Michael told me, fingers intertwined, that I was his best friend. I remember hesitating, which Michael has since told me did not go unnoticed---but guys, I have a lot of amazing friends. Like, I may not be a rich woman but in the friendship department, my cup overfloweth. I have grade-A, top of the line, friends! So to me, winning that title of "best friend" was just as big of a moment as dropping the L bomb. (Which, might I add was dropped a hot-second before I stepped onto a slice of carrot cake with my bare foot. But that's a different story.) So before I said it back, I thought it over.

But I knew then that Michael was a special person. When I met him, I was broken in a lot of ways. I was at the peak of my anxiety issues, I hadn't been divorced a full year, and I felt like I would maybe never be able to really trust another human being. He never tried to fix me, but took all of my baggage in stride. I constantly told him back then that I was "just trying to hide the crazy." (This is something I remind him about when it comes bursting out of me like a broken dam.) But being around him made me feel warm and just....happy. With him, laughing came easily and trust was earned early on. In fact, sometimes after saying goodnight to Michael I would start freaking out. I'd wonder if I was being foolish for opening up my heart to him so quickly, but then I would see him again and all of my doubts would disappear.

You know how people say, "I don't know what I did to deserve you" and it's super cliche and we all just kind of roll our eyes? Well here's the thing, I literally know, I just know there is a God in Heaven because He orchestrated my life in a way that led me to Michael. I also know that I absolutely don't deserve him. I used to picture this faceless man that I would someday marry. One that was kind-hearted and funny. One that was compassionate and strong. One that would help me on my journey to becoming more Christlike. For a while there I thought I had lost my shot with this mystery-man. I used to think, "He's out there, but I blew it." But I found him.

I knew it would be forever on a Monday back in 2012. He was holding both of my hands and shaking my arms all crazy, singing me a very cheesy song his family always sang before they said their prayers. I knew then that he would be a part of my future---the man I'd been picturing since my childhood suddenly had a face.

As you've probably guessed, I eventually told him that he was my best friend, too. And truly, he is the best friend I've ever had. There isn't a single shameful thing about myself that I haven't confided in him, and he wants to hang out with me anyways, so you know he is definitely a keeper.

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